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Antimatter Chair Use Precautions

  • Do not use product for any purpose other than its intended use.

  • Discontinue use of the chair if the carbon fiber support poles are cracked in any manner.

  • Ensure poles are assembled properly and supported on suitable surface prior to sitting.

  • Ensure body weight is applied to chair seating base prior to leaning into chair back.

  • Due to the lightweight nature of this product, ensure the chair back is maintained upright during loading process, as wind or shifting motion may cause the unloaded chair back to collapse.

  • Seating capacity is based on even weight distribution across chair back.

  • Do not jump on or otherwise shock load the assembled chair back.

  • Caution: Unattended or unanchored chairs may blow away in the wind.

  • Keep the product away from damaging heat sources, including fire, that may cause irreparable product deformation.

  • Avoid excessive and/or repeated abrasion of support pole exteriors, which may result in exposure of the underlying carbon fibers and degradation of chair structural integrity.

  • Do not machine wash this product; if desired, hand-wash with warm water and a mild detergent.

  • Do not pack away chair in a wet or damp condition; air dry prior to storage.

  • Color migration may occur depending on the product specification and use.

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